Unique Switzerland Souvenirs That Make Great Gifts to Your Loved Ones

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Many love collecting souvenirs of every tourist destination they visit. Purchasing a souvenir feels like taking a little something from the foreign land to one’s home. They remain as a fond remembrance of our travel experience. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world boasting a rich tourist experience.

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The country is quite pricey and it makes sense to have an idea of the list of popular souvenirs. This way you can avoid confusion and make a smart purchase. Nowadays it is easy to buy souvenirs online. Though it is fun picking the gifts in person, having them delivered at your doorsteps has perks too.

If you are looking for genuine souvenirs shop online check the Swissmade Direct store. They feature genuine, best-quality Swiss goodies. Have a look at their catalog and place an order from the comfort of your home. Have a look at the popular souvenirs from Switzerland.

popular souvenirs

List of popular souvenirs:

Varsy’s wooden magnet: Magnets are colorful and make a great addition to your fridge. Wooden ones are eco-friendly, scratch-resistant. Varsy’s magnet uses playful illustrations to celebrate the Legends of the country.

Chocolates: Chocolates and Switzerland go hand in hand. Any chocolate lovers’ eyes would light up at the mention of chocolates that originates from the land renowned for chocolate manufacturing. The secret of the chocolates’ taste comes from the milk produced from cows reared in the Alpines.

Cuckoo clock: The Swiss variation of the cuckoo clock comprises a wooden Swiss chalet featuring St. Bernard dogs, people dancing whilst wearing Swiss clothing, and colorful flowers. They have an irresistible charm about them.

Watch: Swiss watch brand has a reputation of being one of the tops in the watch industry. People are ready to pay several Euros for these watches due to their excellent workmanship and quality raw materials.

Cheese: We are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting Swiss cheese varieties. The country is bliss for cheese-lovers. If you are carrying some back to your place, purchase dry, hard ones so that they stay fresh during travel.

Cowbell: The sound of cowbells is the music to the Alps. The milk from cows reared in the country is used for making their kickass chocolates and cheese making the country’s cows’ an integral part of their culture and cowbells are an instant reminder of the place.

Appenzeller dog collar: Appenzeller Sennenhund is a famous mountain dog breed. These dog collars are usually red and come with gold embellishments. They make perfect gifts for your canine friend.

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popular souvenirs

Kitchen-specific souvenirs:

  • Knife: World-famous Swiss knife is a must-have in every kitchen. It tops the list of products to buy from Switzerland. The bold red knife is truly a cultural icon as well as an extremely functional accessory for years to come.
  • Cheese fondue set: Make your version of one of Switzerland’s top dishes – cheese fondue which involves dipping bread and potatoes into a pot of melted (different varieties of) cheese. Recreate the dish using a cheese fondue set.

Don’t miss out on these famous souvenirs. Gift your loved ones something from this hand-picked list.

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