Pest Control – Pesky Tiny Nuisances That Cause Havoc in Your Home

Pest Control - Pesky Tiny

Certain types of tiny home intruders are a topic of concern because they can cause damages in thousands of dollars in an apartment, condo, home, or townhouse, if left unchecked. It doesn’t matter if the pest is 2 mm or two feet long. It destroys your property from inside and outside if you ignore the infestation signs.

Simple solution

The discovery of pest infestation can cause a panic, which is normal. Fortunately, many pest issues can be eliminated with ease. However, the best way is to proactively apply preventive measures and always keep a check for early detection. Having a pest control program scheduled pays off.

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Unwanted pesky tiny intruders that cause havoc in your home


The colonies of termites survive on wood and in 5 years they grow in volume and cause structural damage. If the circumstances are right, some species trigger damages within 6 months.

Powderpost beetles

Wood-boring beetles eat on wood making round and tiny holes. They feed on unsealed, unpainted, and unfinished wood. The damage they inflict on wood is second to termites.

Carpenter ants

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t survive on wood but excavate insulation and wood to carve pathways as well as create hollows to build nests. Their damage is less severe than termites, but if they keep reproducing and constructing new nests, then this can compromise your home’s wooden structure.


Raccoons are hulky pests. Due to their single-mindedness and size, they destroy everything that gets in their way. They rip and shred the ducts, pipe insulation, walls, and forcefully enter in spaces. They chew through wirings as well as dig holes in a roof, ceiling, or walls they wish to enter.

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Rats & mice

Rodents gnaw through electrical wiring to sharpen their teeth. They even damage the wiring of appliances, cars, PVC plumbing, rood waves, attic/wall insulation, etc. Besides this wide damage, the exposed wiring increases the chances of major fire hazards. The holes in PVC pipes can trigger water damages due to leakages.

Carpet beetles

Carpet beetles

Beetles don’t damage the integrity of the home structure, but their larvae can damage your home carpet, furniture, and fibers [natural & synthetic]. They munch in huge clumps so damage in the floor covering is easily noticeable. Woven materials are ruined with holes and slits.

Fire ants

Fire ants give a nasty bite and are a major nuisance. Electric products attract them including air conditioning systems, transformer boxes, and electrical relay switches. It can cause power outages.

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Cockroaches are nasty critters that people want eliminated. They carry germs and worsen asthma and allergies. They also feed on and ruin things like books, papers, wallpaper, drapes, electrical wiring, and furniture. So, cockroaches are destructive!


Wasps hunker in tiny openings, cracks, eaves, etc. in winter they hibernate but emerge in spring. Wasps that like to build hives in wall voids and attics can damage the ceiling or wallboard.

Moths, bedbugs, honeybees, squirrels, etc. are also a nuisance at times. Be vigilant and schedule pest control occasionally to stay on top!


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