What is Online Review Management and Why is it Important?

Online review management means monitoring all the reviews that are received via different online platforms and responding to them, recognizing the fake ones, as well as resolving complaints if there are any.

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The task of review management is neither small nor easy.

This is the reason why big businesses have a designated team to handle review management. However, if you can’t afford to hire a team of your own, you can always hire review management companies.

Review management service providers like ReviewNinja will help in monitoring reviews as well as filtering negative reviews. With their help, you will be able to receive negative reviews directly on your email and check the credibility of the same.

Also, it will give you time to respond to these negative reviews, as they will not directly go online.

Managing online reviews

Generally, the task of online review management is divided into 4 steps:

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1. Generating Review

Along with the quantity, the continuity of reviews matters. So, to generate a review the simplest thing that you can do is ask. For this purpose, it is best to have an auto-generated SMS or email in place.

This SMS or email will directly go to the customer soon after they have made a purchase. Thank your customer for buying a product or service as well as ask them for a review.

2. Checking Reviews

When you don’t have reputation management software in place, you might have to check all the reviews manually. Nevertheless, it is never an ideal choice, especially if you are handling multiple locations, and are present on many different review websites.

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3. Replying to Reviews

Consumers today are checking online reviews before purchasing any product. However, they are even interested in how any business is responding to a negative review.

Statistics suggest that 89% of customers are inclined to use a business that responds well to online reviews. So, ensure you respond promptly to reviews, especially the negative ones.

4. Showcasing Reviews

Since online reviews are so important, it makes sense in showing off 4-star and 5-star reviews on your website as well as social media platforms. Online tools may help you in doing so.

All your best reviews will be shared with customers visiting your website. Then again, if you haven’t purchased any online tool, just manually add the best reviews to your website.

5. Importance of online review management

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Effective online review management ensures your brand’s reputation is maintained. Whoever is in charge of responding to your business’s online reviews needs to understand this, and ensure they are giving timely and best responses.

The thing is, consumers are inclined to criticize a product or service online because they feel no one is genuinely going to respond.

However, as soon as they start receiving prompt responses, they will think twice before giving a negative review.

Similarly, if a negative review is left unanswered, the reviewer might use other platforms to further tarnish the brand.

So, every business must manage their online reviews effectively, if they wish to be in the market for long.

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