What Is the Role of Both the Genders in The Tango Dance World?

Tango Dance World

Tango is a type of dance that is listed as one of the couple dances. In this kind of dance form, both the man and woman will have certain roles to play to make the dance form a successful one.

The roles of gender will become violated in the dance forms when these below-mentioned things happen during the dance. 

  • The female lead fails to surrender to her partner.
  • The female lead cannot make the male lead move comfortably.
  • The female lead disobediently resists the lead of the male lead.
  • The female lead will not make it easier for the male to lead.
  • The female lead interferes with the dance moves of the male lead.
  • The male lead fails to successfully hold and protect the female lead.
  • The male lead uses force to coerce the female lead.
  • The male lead ignores the music beat and just focuses on the dance moves.
  • The male lead decides to shine alone leaving behind the female lead.

Even though it is hard to believe, these things happen in the tango dance form, since it is a kind of couple dance and involves the surrendering and leading of both the male and female lead.

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Leader and Follower

Tango Dance World Dance

In the world of tango, there is no male or female lead. There are just leaders and followers. The leader and the follower can be both the male and female lead in the dance. Hence, instead of using the terms the male and the female lead, the instructors normally use the terms “leader” and “Follower” to make it easier for the couple that will be taking the stage.

When you join the world of tango dance, you will become a neutral person and will not be recognized as a male or a female lead. The main aim here is to make sure that everyone feels the same while dancing and not like a leader or a follower. You can even learn more about felinity and masculinity in Tango.

The Role of Male Lead


Here is the role of the male lead in tango. 

  1. Leading his partner
  2. Plotting the dance
  3. To support his partner
  4. Timing with the step of his partner
  5. Allowing his partner to shine
  6. Protect the partner successfully
  7. Pampering his partner

The Roles of Female Lead in Tango

The Roles of Female Lead in Tango

  1. Surrendering to the male partner
  2. Following the lead of her partner
  3. Being agile and light on her feet
  4. Successfully following the music
  5. Complementing her partner
  6. Being a graceful dancer

Tango dance is a game of two partners who are planning to win the game. There are no special terms such as female brain and Tango or even the tango and stereotypes. Everything is the same and equal between both the leads and the only factors allowed in the dance form are an attraction, charm and beauty, and grace between the partners.

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