What Are The Good Things About Zante That You All Need to Know?

Zante is one of the gorgeous Greek islands that is located in the eastern part of the Ionian Sea. There are chalk-colored cliffs, overlooking vast turquoise water and the most beautiful beaches that you can never overlook as a tourist. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons for visiting Zante.

Outdoor Adventure
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Perfect beaches

One of the relaxing beaches is Porto Roma Beach. For water sports like paragliding and canoeing, you can enjoy Nicholas Beach and lastly the most pretty party beaches.

Party islands

There are a lot of party islands that are well-known and one of them is in the Laganas area. Here the resort has dancing from sunset to sunrise. It has bars and clubs where you can party all night.

You can also enjoy the Tidal Boat Party in Zante. This is the biggest floating festival experience on the biggest 3-tier party boat. It includes the best DJs, incredible boat party hosts, and celebrity appearances. You can check their website for online booking.

Sea Turtles

Along the beachfront, you will see Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles. These turtles lay eggs on the beach that hatches during the summer. For this, you need to visit Marathonisi island where you can see the babies hatch and start crawling at the sea.

Outdoor Adventure

At this place, you can enjoy the best outdoor adventure like the Jet-Skiing, Paragliding, Quad bikes, and sailboats. It’s all worth the money.

Perfect beaches
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Zakynthos Town

Here you will see a Venetian-style building and charming cobbled streets where you can stroll around. You can see some locally made things like pottery to jewelry.

Island’s Magical caves

Smuggler’s Cove at the Navagio beach is one of the favorite spots for tourists. Here you will see those gold-like sand, sparkling water, and a shipwreck.

To reach this place, you can only visit by boat. Another cave is the Blue Cave in Skinari, which is also a place that is worth sailing. Here you will find those striking rock formations and the shiny blue-green water where you can swim in.

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Zante live

This is held at the Rescue Club and is supported by BBC Radio 1. This event which happens on Tuesday night is liked by Charlie Sloth and Lethal Bizzle. You can enjoy the night of banging tunes, drink deals, DJs, and celebrity guests.

Restaurants and bars

This is a place full of tasty food and enjoyable drinks. For homemade foods, you can enjoy Lucky’s Pub and Grub.

For Greek food and the best seafood, you can visit the Blue Sea. For the biggest fishbowl, you can visit the night at Fishbowl. And lastly, for the perfect Tequila sunrise, you can visit the Cocktails and Dreams.

Sea Turtles
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Everything can be found around

That is the best feature of Zante, that you can get everything from restaurants to bars to clubs to mini markets and many more. If you want the beach, it is also right at the end of the strip. If you wish to take some rest during your stay here, you will find great hotels and hostels at every place.

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