Trying to Figure Out Pleated Door Screens? – Get an Understanding.

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You must be super annoyed with the constant invasion of flies or insects in your home and business place. You are just tired of using repellents and insect-traps. Especially, when it’s happening at your place of work it can be really troublesome. Those engaged in the food industry can understand the problem very deeply. They have to maintain a certain standard of hygiene for health and safety.

Best Solution for Insects and Flies

The best solution comes with fly screens. It can restrict the incoming insects, mosquitoes, and flies with visible results. Premier Screens Ltd is a UK-based company that has been manufacturing insect screens for over 25 years now. Their insect screens can serve both home and business spaces with high efficiency. They provide DIY or made-to-measure kits for your home which you can easily install. However, they also provide full installation service when needed, particularly in commercial places.

 Insects and Flies

For most commercial spaces the companies make sure to provide complete customization for design, shape, and size for any opening. You can use insect screens at any opening and depending on the use of the opening, you can either use a fixed screen or a retractable screen, which you can move whenever you don’t need it.

Pleated Fly Screens

Pleated door screens may present it as both functional and accessorized. Therefore, you can use them mostly at the entrance, balcony, or patio. Generally, pleated screens look good and are easy to operate. It has a mesh attached to the aluminum frame. You can also match the color of the frame with the door or window where you are installing the screen. It does not corrode and has tolerance for differences in temperature and does not show its presence much.

Pleated Fly Screens


Pleated insect screens have many benefits for both your home and business. If you are still contemplating on whether to buy commercial fly screens or not, you must go through the following points to understand and weigh the benefits of installing the screen. You might be convinced at the end of the reading.

  • It is a long-term solution compared to another method of stopping insect and fly invasion.
  • It has no harmful effects on you.
  • You can enjoy the view outside even with the screen on.
  • It can become a part of your home aesthetic and would not look out of the place. The market has so many options you can choose from. You can even order them to have a custom-made screen for any type of opening.
  • It is easy to maintain these pleated screens. You can just simply clean it with a clean cloth or rubbing alcohol if there is a persistent stain.
  • It is convenient to use. Even children can use it without much effort. You can easily store them when you are not using them.
  • It not only stops big insects, lizards, and flies from coming inside, but also stops mosquitoes from entering the house.

Figure Out Pleated Door Screens

Make sure you use a tested product to be sure of its quality. Purchasing from an unreliable source may lead to defective products or installations. Therefore, the durability would also be short.


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