Top Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Electric Bill

Use Your Windows

Money-saving tips are always appreciated, and this season probably more so than ever. As we prepare for the heatwave that surely comes in the summer months we’ve got our top tips to help you save on your electric bill this summer.

1. Service your AC Unit

One of the hardest working appliances in your house during the summer is mostly likely your AC unit and we don’t blame you. However, a dirty system or one that hasn’t been serviced in a while is going to be a drain on your energy bill. To make sure you running at top efficiency have a professional come out and inspect your HVAC unit.

Top Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Electric Bill

2. Adjust Your Thermostat

Don’t risk running up your bill by running the AC when you don’t need to. Buy a programmable thermostat and set it to adjust to different temperatures at different times of the day. If you need it super cool at night to sleep, offset that by allowing for a warmer temperature during the day when you’re out of the house at work.

3. Unplug Your Devices

Most of us are terrible about this and we tend to leave all of our devices plugged in and charging even when we don’t need to. Save on your energy bill by only keeping things plugged in when absolutely necessary. Taking a little extra time each day to do this will make a noticeable difference over time.

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4. Use Your Windows

In most places around the country, the temperatures at night are much cooler. In fact, in some places, it may cool off enough to allow you to save on your energy bill. If the outside temperature cools off enough open up your windows at night and allow nature to cool your house down. Close up the windows in the morning as temperatures start to rise and close the blinds to keep the heat of the sunshine out and hold in the cool air from the evening.

No matter what type of house you live in or where your location is there are lots of sneaky ways to help keep your energy bills lower this summer.

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