Things to Know Before Your PCS After the Military Life

There comes a situation known as voluntary military separation. This condition is the kind of move that is decided by any military person. Hence, the respective military government will take care of the family and that person for up to 6 further months till they decide where they wish to head out. The best automobile shipment service will also be of great help here.

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Voluntary Military Separation

When it comes to voluntary military separation, every military organization has their own set of rules and regulations. Some offer to pay for the next 6 months after a military person plans to quit voluntarily. However, the disadvantage is that no military government offers to cover the entire expenditure when you plan to move to the region out of their range.

The overall expenditure for your move will be calculated based on the amount that is allotted to you, and also the goods that you are planning to carry with you. If the Defense Department feels like you are not carrying much with you, then they offer to cover your whole shipment to your place of entry.

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Post Military Service Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that come with the post-service move.

Some Things Will Not Change

The allowances that you will get to enjoy post your military service will be decided based on your current rank in the military. You can apply for the Personally Procured Move (PPM) and the military government will reimburse your expenses according to your rant-based facilities.

Basics of PPM

The retirees from the Army can acquire up to 60% of their PPM payment. The Navy retirees will not get any such benefits. The Air Force retirees can get the reimbursement of 60% and in the case of the Marines; it is up to 50%. The Coast Guards can get up to 60% and only for the ones in service in this case.

Veteran Benefits

No matter what your post was when you were serving in the military, you will get some of the basic benefits like other veterans such as health care benefits, some updated pay chart benefits, and so on. You can learn more by keeping yourself updated with the available benefits for military veterans.

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According to the military officials, you might have to pay some amount from your pocket, even though it is the military officials that have hired the packer and movers for your relocation. You will be required to put your signature on some documents stating that you were counseled about the possible costs that you will be paying from your pocket, after the relocation.

Being a military person has many benefits, even though you have decided on PCS. Know about them in detail and enjoy the benefits.

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