What Are The Application of Pallet Inverters?

Pallet inverters are designed to switch loaded pallets from old to new for multiple reasons ranging from organization to compliance. However, the pallet exchange system operates in different ways. TopIndustries offer an array of pallet inverter models. The model to choose will depend on product type, space available, and production flow requirements in a warehouse.


Applications of pallet inverters

Pallet inverters help in enhancing handling, shipping, and storage operations. Pallet inverters are consistently used in the following industries.

  • Food & beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Printing
  • And more

Versatile and reliable

The advanced equipment works ideally and speedily in your handling and shipping processes. The unnecessary manual labor is eliminated. The warehouse space is used better with clearance of damaged loads, which keep on piling until someone gets the time to restack manually.

When pallets are chosen the following things are taken into consideration compliance, specifically styled pallets, in-house racking pallets, or inexpensive pallets for shipping.

Sometimes the suppliers need specific pallet types, so you need to transfer them from your in-house pallets to different alternatives.

  • One-trip pallet in circumstances where the customer cannot return the pallets.
  • Switch to wood pallets when aluminum or plastic was used during production. Wood pallets are a cheap option for shipping to customers.
  • Exchange to slip sheets or slim pallets saves cubage weight and cost.
  • Transfer to customer-owned pallets.
  • You prefer cheap pallets for long storage in your warehouse, but the customer prefers pool pallets.

The equipment can double as a load straightener, which allows for making tilted loads or poorly stacked goods safer.

Benefits of using pallet inverters


Pallet inverters are designed to lift, invert, or tilt loaded pallets carefully and safely. This decreases the amount of product/pallet damage and even workplace injuries. The equipment is a crucial element that keeps the warehouse or a manufacturing plant organized and productive.

Valuable investment

Pallet inverters are costly but you will find that their benefits surpass their initial cost. The cash saved in reducing product damages, streamlining labor costs, and avoiding injuries will help to balance the initial investment. Besides, the warehouse operations are efficient and your ROI is well authenticated.

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Less manpower

The equipment is intended to do tough and laborious tasks, so there is less manpower needed. Only trained personnel can perform the task because there is a need for extra precautions and compliance with safety measures. If pallets are replaced often then the costs to keep rental pallets are minimized.

Controls product damage

Care is needed to handle the pallets and loads while using forklifts. Poor handling of pallets during transit causes damage and increases costs. Pallet inverters efficiently stack, move, and store pallets with less fuss and product safety.



The pallet inverters can rotate large volumes of pallets during or post the production process. Rotating multiple quantities at the same time saves precious time and increases productivity. The equipment is versatile as it can handle different pallet types. You don’t need different equipment to handle the pallet because switching from handling a single pallet kind to another is easy.


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