Stephen Taylor’s Business Resolution For 2023


As we enter 2023, it is crucial to start fresh and identify improvement areas to set concrete goals for consistent growth across the year. While setting a business resolution ensure it is realistic, relevant, and achievable. A clear action plan and tracking strategies help to attain the objectives on time.

Stephen Taylor has a well-thought New Year resolution planned to shape the future success of his promotional corporate confectionery gifting product business. Propaganda and Sweet Concepts are both parts of Promo Concept Group, which started more than 30 years ago. The small business has transformed into a leading supplier of wrapped mints, Cadbury, lollies, etc. designed for corporate promotion.

Stephen is a designer, a good marketer, a great entrepreneur, and a responsible personality that not just looks after his employees, customers, stakeholders, vendors, etc. but even his Jewish community in London. He is a London resident and an active local business community member as well as a proud supporter of different local charities.

For 2023, Stephen has set attainable goals ranging from new market strategy development and activating employee engagement to increasing operating process efficiencies focused to enhance the overall performance of the business.

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New Year resolutions for effective business development

Get closer to consumers

New Year is a great time for relationship building. Proactive customer service allows keeping them updated as well as giving them a chance to gain more familiarity with your brand. Meaningful connection building gives a sense of belonging, which makes them comfortable to interact again. Provide regular newsletters or emails on social media to get close to consumers.

Sharpen communication skills

Proactive customer service is great but you need to be a good communicator. Sharpening your communication skills ensures that you are a good listener, capable to give clear instructions and offer the best possible services to every customer.

Communication skills can be sharpened by participating in training programs, seeking practice opportunities in the real world with consumers, and engaging with mentors in your niche.

Refine your target

Analyze your perfect customer persona and current trends. It will help to target the right audience with the right message. Thus the resources and time you waste in targeting random audiences will not go to waste as your outreach will be more targeted.

Brand development

Stephen is well-experienced in developing a brand. Who else can advise you on how to develop a successful brand? He has created a memorable and recognizable brand, which has grown popular across the world. For example, the Mini Mint-it Cube and the Mini Twister are a couple of his rare and patented products.

He is still invested in brand development in 2023 because it still needs consideration to evolve with the changing market conditions and business needs. Careful research of current trends, messages, and topics helps to plan strategically how to blend the brand elements for working powerfully in synch and attain the desired goals.


Say ‘Thank You

Stephen has always believed in saying ‘Thank You’ and has started a business with a ‘Thank You’ mint. It has brought him global recognition, which he proudly shares with his team and everyone involved. He even feels that gratitude is crucial not just in the workplace but even in the local community. Appreciation doesn’t mean writing an essay but a simple thank you said politely allows you to engage partners, community, colleagues, and even consumers.

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