Signs of a Cheating Partner – Is it time to talk to a Divorce Attorney?

They have Found a New Guys-Only Club

So many factors play a role in pushing a couple to the extent that they decide to part ways. Finding that your partner is cheating is one of many reasons why you might decide to talk to a divorce attorney to facilitate the divorce process. However, before you decide to go any further and take any hard steps, you should first ensure that your spouse is really cheating. Some signs will certainly help you make up your mind. For instance

When you feel that your spouse likes spending time out and come home late, it could be a warning sign. You should not take it lightly especially if they have always been very punctual and spend more time with you after work. If your husband was used to help you with baths, dinner, and bedtime, and has certainly changed, it may be something you need to worry about. A change in the schedule without any explanation about why it has happened deserves your attention.

divorce attorney to facilitate the divorce

They have Found a New Guys-Only Club

Imagine this: You and your husband have always been spending time together. Your date nights were amazing. Now, suddenly, you notice your husband staying out and become a more active party of a newly found Guys-Only club. Is it normal? Of course not, and it certainly deserves your immediate attention. You need to understand that date night is important to keep your married life working, and the moment it disappears, you start experiencing problems in your relationship that are only going to get worse with time.

Unhappy married couple getting divorced arguing fighting in lawyers office

They have a Secret Credit Card

If you ask a divorce attorney, they will confirm that one of the most common reasons to get divorced is that couples lie about their finances. If you have found a secret credit card in your husband’s name, the chances are that they have been helping others shop some nice stuff. When you know that your husband is spending money on something he has not already told you about, it is time to take it seriously and be open about what you feel. It is an extremely important matter, especially if your husband has recently started talking more about financial problems and reasons why he finds it difficult to meet your needs.

They have a Secret Credit Card

They are Too Cool or Too Touchy about Their Phone

It is natural for women to check the cell phones of their partner when they think they are cheating. Well, your spouse knows it too, and that may as well be the reason why they do not mind you checking their phone. If your partner is a bit too cool about the cell phone, take it as a red signal. There is a possibility that they have a second phone and use it for their ‘other’ activities. Similarly, if your spouse does not want anyone to touch their cell phone and they have it locked all the time, it may also indicate that they have an affair going.


It is important to keep in mind that these signs are, well, just signs, and there may be reasons other than infidelity making your partner behave differently. Take your time, but go talk to a divorce attorney if you are sure that your partner is insincere.

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