Tips and Must-Follow Safety Measures to Set Up Your Motorhome for A 2023 Vacation

Most of the motorhomes are left standing in the driveway throughout the winter. This means they can’t be ready for a trip instantly.

So, if you are planning a campervan vacation in 2023, here are a few helpful tips to make your motorhome safe and secure for the trip.

ensure proper security of your motorhome
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How to Ensure the Proper Security of Your Motorhome?

It is normal to drop your guard when you are on vacation. While there is nothing more important for you than exploring the world, you must pay attention to how safe your campervan is.

During the vacation period, when lots of campervans are on the road, they become a target for break-ins.

Also, camper sites are super busy during this period, and thus it is best if you take care of a few things yourself.

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So, here are the top 6 tips for you to follow to make your motorhome a safer place.

1. Use the latest gadgets

Once you are pitched, ensure securing your campervan wheels with wheel locks, a motorhome hitch lock, and even use a steering wheel lock.

You surely don’t want to come back to an empty parking spot after being on a hike for the entire day.

2. Secure your valuables better

Don’t leave your valuables lying around the van. This includes hiding expensive items like laptops, tablets, cameras and accessories, jewelry, cash, etc.

If you can’t carry them along while you are out, it is best to lock them up in a locker or hide them under the bed and seats.

Secure your valuables better
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3. Install some alarms

There are special alarms designed for securing caravans and motorhomes. Consider using one, which comes with door and locker sensors.

You can attach these to your motorhome’s doors and windows and if in case anyone tries to break in, the magnetic connection will break and the alarm will start making a sound.

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4. Keep your windows closed all the time

Yes, it will be very tempting to leave the doors and windows of your campervan open for fresh air and ventilation.

However, a thief can go within minutes, and thus before you know all the expensive items will be gone. Even if you are in the van all the time, consider keeping your windows closed for better safety.

5. Keep your pitch well-lit

Thieves don’t want to get spotted. So, to keep them away, ensure to use some lights on your pitch or secure a parking spot that is close to campsite lights. To keep your pitch well-lit, you can even use those small solar garden lights.

6. Try to be friendly with your neighbors

Try to be friendly with your neighbors
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When you keep in touch with your neighbor, they will likely watch over your campervan while you are out hiking.

Also, in return when you see someone suspicious near their vehicle, immediately let the site warden know about it.

Surely by now, you understand the importance of preparing your motorhome for better safety.

Now, be prepared to get an equipment audit done before you depart for your adventure. This audit report will help you avoid any unfortunate conditions while you are on the road.

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