Benefits of Running a Membership Business Model

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Businesses have changed ways of doing business in the last decade. There is a transition into new business models – subscription and membership.

  • In the former model [subscription], the customer pays a recurring price and gains access to a product or service for a defined time -for example, Netflix.
  • In the latter model [membership], customers are given access to discounts on specified products or services – for example, gym.

Even if both models sound common to hear, there is a difference in how they work.

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Membership business models work on –

  • Membership plans can range from standard to platinum. The rates vary based on the plan type chosen.
  • Memberships can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Special promotions and discounts are offered depending on the membership package.

Some companies even offer membership plans for free. The members have to get registered. In this manner, they create a loyal customer base that is interested in product offers and discounts.

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Membership website benefits for businesses

Exclusive access to information 

Membership website allows businesses to share exclusive information and content like –

  • An elite eBook to download
  • Webinar audios
  • Exclusive content like special tips to maximize product use and more

Members will feel special with all the exclusive information they can access. It even helps to build a rapport and shows how much they value your business.

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Cross-selling and upselling strategy is essential to improve revenue and grow your business. Using the membership site, you get a chance to offer members exclusive cross-selling and upselling deals. For example, when a member chose a sneaker pair recommend shoe care products, socks, or shoelaces. You can even offer a similar pair from the new collection but expensive [add a discount percentage or extended warranty].

Build relationship

A membership site is a platform, where new and old members must feel comfortable and welcome. So, create a chat room or forum, where they can communicate with you and other members. Host webinars to educate members and it is a great way to connect with those in different time zone. It helps to build a strong rapport with the members.

Build trust

When potential clients find out that you are offering exclusive information and content to members, it will incline them to buy. The reason is that they know that if something good is offered to the members then it is going to be good even for them.

It is also a decisive aspect for potential clients to determine if they want to join your membership site. You gain a competitive edge over competitors, as it reveals that you are keen to offer the best to your consumers.

Recurring revenue stream opportunity

Every business is looking to find ways of increasing their profits and running a membership site can make this happen. With a suitable membership package, you can generate recurring income. Members pay fees either monthly, quarterly, or annually. They can renew their membership plan anytime or can leave if they desire.

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