A Few Reasons Why Beeswax Candles are Preferred Mostly in Orthodox Christian Churches

The candle can play a very important role in illuminating the interiors and the human mind in an Orthodox faith in any of these situations:

  • Celebrating the Divine Liturgy
  • Reading from the Gospels
  • During Pascha services
  • Someone‚Äôs baptism.

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Exclusively pure orthodox beeswax candles available at Candles Fantasy find application in religious rituals, a tradition upheld through generations.

Crafted from natural beehive combs, these candles, commonly used in Orthodox churches, remain untainted by paraffin or other additives. Notably, they burn evenly, lacking soot or smoke.

The following are a few reasons why such candles are usually preferred in most Orthodox Christian Churches.

1. The age-old practice carried forward

Within the Orthodox faith, solely 100% beeswax candles hold significance in religious observances. This time-honored practice of utilizing such candles persists across generations, symbolizing continuity and reverence.

2. Made out of natural substance

In Orthodox belief, only pure beeswax candles are vital for religious rites. This enduring tradition of their use spans generations, symbolizing ongoing devotion and respect.

These beeswax candles are used in Orthodox churches and are smoke and soot-free since they are free of paraffin and other additives.

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3. It offers a lovely sweet aroma

Devotees view these candles as carrying the delightful scent of Divine Grace and employ them for adoring their cherished icons. Beeswax candles, initially golden in color, can be artistically shaped by skilled artisans into diverse forms like tapers, bees, and damask patterns.

4. Available in different lengths

Available in different lengths to cater to diverse church worship needs, mastering the correct burning of church candles is vital to safeguard the murals, icons, frescoes, and exquisite interior ornaments of Orthodox churches.

5. Lasts longer

Opting for a high-quality linen wick can extend the lifespan of your candle. You might be familiar with the recommendation to trim the wick to a quarter or half an inch, promoting consistent and prolonged burning.

Safeguard the candles by storing them away from dust and dirt when not in use, maintaining their optimal functionality when ignited.

Safely extinguishing beeswax candles is advisable with a candle snuffer, preventing potential burns to your hands.

6. Illuminates from darkness

It is believed that since the candles can illuminate from darkness, they will also illuminate the light of Christ within the mind of people, and his name will be further glorified.

7. Candles symbolize the light of God

In Orthodox Christianity, the candle represents the act of a worshiper surrendering oneself to God, symbolizing the Divine Light or, more precisely, the Light of Christ.

They are crafted from traditional beeswax. These candles hold deep significance, with non-beeswax alternatives being discouraged.

Beeswax Candles

The symbolism of “light” through candles is universal in the lives of Orthodox Christians, illuminating both churches and homes, creating an atmosphere for prayer and embellishment alike.

In Orthodox Christian churches, the preference for beeswax candles is grounded in their profound symbolism of purity and devotion. The rich history and spiritual significance align with the faith’s core values.

Moreover, their natural composition and gentle glow create an environment conducive to reverence. These candles stand as a testament to the depth of faith and the traditions illuminating the worship path.

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