Prepare Your Air Conditioners Before Summer Arrives with A Professional Chemical Wash

Summers can get harsh in countries like Singapore and if our air conditioners fail to function during these extremely hot months, it can get uncomfortable. This is even more important if you have a commercial establishment. In the absence of good environmental control, your employees will fail to show good productivity and even your tech systems may start failing because of overheating.

Tips to Maintain AC for Hygienic

It is recommended that we get the air conditioning system of our home and offices serviced before the summer arrives. However, many times simple servicing does not work especially during the peak of summers. A chemical wash is somewhat different though. It does not just clean the air conditioner components but also enhances their functionality.

So, this summer gets a good chemical overhaul for your air conditioner units from a reliable company like 7 Days Aircon Servicing in Singapore. Their affordable aircon chemical wash price ensures that everyone can easily get this service to enhance the life of their aircon unit without causing a hole in their pocket. Their technicians are extremely skilled to provide all forms of aircon services without compromising on the industry standard.

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Aircon chemical wash – Why do you need it?

When an aircon servicing company suggests anyone performs a substance wash, most people ignore it saying that they are regularly maintaining their units and do not want additional expenditures.

Professional Chemical Wash

However, a chemical overhaul is different than basic servicing and becomes a necessity in the following scenarios:

1.    When you notice a sudden increase in allergic symptoms among your family members:

  • When excessive dust accumulates in the aircon unit, it prevents clean air from circulating in the indoor environment.
  • If you feel that suddenly there is an increase in the frequency of asthma attacks or other allergic outbreaks, there is a high chance that your air conditioner requires chemical cleaning.

2.    When your air conditioner unit is facing water leakage:

  • Water leakage is caused by drain pipe blockage.
  • A chemical wash unclogs drainpipes and at the same time, the technical engineer can fix any leaks.
  • Thus, the performance of your air conditioner increases.

3.    When your electricity bills are suddenly soaring high even in the absence of an increase in usage:

  • When your aircon unit has a lot of accumulated dust, it will take much longer to cool the indoor environment.
  • However, after a chemical wash, the entire system is cleaned and thus circulates cool air faster.
  • This prevents unnecessary energy wastage and hence, reduces electricity bills.

4.    When your air conditioner unit emanates a foul smell:

  • When dirt gets stuck in the filters and other components of the air conditioner for a long time, a terrible odor can emanate from the unit.
  • A chemical wash cleans even the toughest layers of dirt which then circulates fresh and odor-free air.

You can do the chemical overhaul procedure in a DIY way and need an expert aircon engineer to do it for the entire cooling framework in your home or office. This is to ensure that all the components of the aircon unit are safely handled and professionally cleaned to prolong the life of your essential appliance.


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