Ooni Is the Answer to All Your Pizza Cravings

The single and most important element of all the outdoor parties is pizza. The success of a party depends on food and pizza is the most cherished food among the masses. However, getting pizzas for your party is a fussy task. You have to order them in advance, not to forget the hole that they will drill in your pocket.


The solution to this conundrum is having the Ooni Pizza Oven in stock. BBQ 2u’s Ooni series in pizza ovens have made outdoor parties a huge success. With the ease of making pizza, one is the leader of the oven industry. The wide range of Ooni pizza ovens ranging from one Koda, on Karu, on fray to Ooni pro pizza is a revolution in the pizza industry.

The one series is a pain in the eyes of the restaurants and pizza outlets because one has cut all the middlemen and rendered it possible to make juicy and delicious pizzas at the comfort of home. Now, your parties are not at the mercy of any restaurant or pizza outlet. Ooni has made pizza making easy, fun, and affordable.


Talking about fun and affordability, Kamado Joe BBQs must not be missed from the talk. The term kamado is derived from an ancient Japanese tradition of cooking with wood or charcoal. The kamado grill is very thick in its walls which allows it to give a smoky flavor to the meat, first and vegetables which are cooked in it. Kamado grills are the best and most fuel-efficient grills in the market.

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They come in a wide variety starting from Kamado joe classic and ranging to kamado joe classic 2, kamado joe classic 3, kamado big joe 2, kamado big joe 3, kamado joe jar, and the kamado joe kettle joe. All these models of kamado joe are state-of-the-art grills with master craftsmanship. These grills vary in size but each excels in quality over the other competitors in the market.


While talking about quality, we must also make a mention of the best Ooni ovens. One of the best ooni ovens is Ooni Koda 16. This oven allows you to have all the fun at outdoor parties. Its unique L-shaped flame and smothering temperature of 500 degrees centigrade lets you cook a pizza in 60 seconds. If that’s not enough for you, it also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Another premium quality Ooni pizza oven is Ooni Koda 12. Just like its brother oven, it too reaches 500 degrees centigrade in 15 minutes. The best part of this version of Ooni is its lightweight and size. It is just 9.25 kgs. it can fit any of your outdoor parties and make it the best party you would ever organize. It also takes no time to organize, you can take it out and start cooking.


BBQ 2u is the best producer of portable pizza ovens. They have been revolutionizing the pizza oven industry since 2012, and they continue to do the same.


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