What Are the Most Popular Cities in the American South?

The American South is a multicultural region with a stormy and interesting past. It has an exceptional cultural legacy as well as stunning scenery. Rock and roll, jazz, blues, and soul music all originated in the South, which is also known for its superb cuisine and XXL servings. It also has a difficult civil rights and racial discrimination past.

Because of their shared past, southern states have a unique culture all their own. A history connected by slave societies and plantation complexes. By Spanish moss, antebellum houses, and a passion for grits and biscuits.


Savannah, Georgia

Savannah’s past is both fascinating and unsettling. Savannah’s history is filled with accounts of brutal slavery since it was a coastal port that relied largely on slave labour. One of the biggest slave auctions ever held took place in Savannah! People from various societies and continents have, and continue to, enrich the land and the history of Savannah.

In Savannah, there are a ton of intriguing things to do. Savannah provides its guests with a wide range of possibilities, including well-designed town squares to meander through, excellent Low country cuisine to gorge on, eerie ghost tours to attend, and lovely antebellum homes to explore. It is one of those cities that captivates your heart.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Another well-liked American southern destination is New Orleans in Louisiana. Due to its standing as a party town, thriving nightlife, and yearly Mardi Gras festival. But it’s not all that New Orleans is. New Orleans has a lengthy and fascinating history that has Spanish and French roots. You may have guessed it by now. For history enthusiasts like us, New Orleans has a lot to offer. The cultures of French, Spanish, and African have enriched New Orleans today. 

Memphis, Tennessee 


Another fantastic destination to see on your Southern US road trip is Memphis, which is located in southwest Tennessee. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock, was born and raised in the city. His estate, Graceland, draws millions of tourists each year. With its thriving music industry, well-known blues clubs on Beale Street, and a charming cuisine culture, Memphis has a lot more to offer.

You must sample Memphis’ world-famous BBQ and other Southern cuisine before leaving. Memphis Houses for Sale costs are lower than the national average and transportation costs, such as bus fares and gas prices, are also lower. In this Tennessee community, the average rent for a property is $825 a month, yet for $228,326 you could buy a home. When compared to neighbouring cities like Nashville, this is far lower.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Another attractive US southern city is Charleston in South Carolina. Charleston offers so many excellent activities. You can take a carriage ride around Charleston’s downtown to experience its lovely historic area.

The Old Slave Mart Museum, Rainbow Row, and the Battery are just a few of the city’s many cultural attractions. Visit Fort Sumter, the site of the civil war’s actual beginning. Additionally, there are countless amazing art galleries to visit. Just a few examples are Corrigan Gallery, Ann Long Fine Art, and the City Gallery in Waterfront Park.

Natchez, Mississippi 

Natchez is frequently referred to as the Mississippi River’s jewel. During the antebellum period, it held an important position. It served as a thriving commerce hub and a key location for cotton plantation owners. One of the first European settlements in lower Mississippi was Natchez.

Natchez became a wealthy and prosperous town very quickly. Here, a number of Greek Revival houses were built. In his book Natchez Houses, Hugh Howard honours the architectural legacy of Natchez. 

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