JEE Advanced Counseling: How Does It Work?

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After the JEE advanced exam concludes, the real process begins! First, the Institute will declare the JEE advanced answer key after the exam, and then the results are declared. Finally, JEE advanced counseling begins. Many candidates face confusion and uncertainty about the whole counseling process. The following article will look to simplify this process and clear any doubts the students may have. Let us begin.

JEE Advanced Counselling

After the JEE advanced answer key and the JEE advanced results are out, the mad rush for admissions will start. All the rankers are clamoring to get into some of the best colleges and institutions in the country. But not all candidates are fully aware of the procedures for the registration, choice filling, and admission procedures in general. They hunt for help from seniors and professional help.


Thus it is important that these students familiarize themselves with theJEE advanced counseling process. The whole process begins after the declaration of the JEE advanced answer key and about two to three days after the declaration of the JEE advanced result. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) will conduct this entire process. The idea is that the admission process goes off smoothly for all students without any hitches.

Now let us take a look at a few of the important steps of the JEE advanced counseling process in brief.

Step One: Registration

The first thing the student must do is register for the counseling process. So all eligible candidates must complete their registration before the deadline prescribed by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA). The students have to go to the JoSAA website and complete this registration process online.

deadline prescribed

After entering all the necessary details, the student will get their unique user ID and their passwords. These details must be carefully saved by the students as they are crucial for completing the entire JEE advanced counseling process.

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Step Two: Choice Filling

This is perhaps the most complicated and confusing step of this whole counseling process. This is the step where the candidates make their most important choice – which course, institute, and branch do they want to join from the given list of available choices. They have to give a list of their choices and in order of their preference.

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On the online portal, the students have to carefully and meticulously choose their options in the order of preference. There are two sections given on the portal. One section will contain all the colleges, branches, courses, etc. available to the student. The other section is blank. The student must move his selected colleges/courses to the blank section in order of preference. They can keep re-positioning and changing these colleges/courses, and keep saving their progress. But once they “lock” their choices, then no further changes can be made. Those will be the final choices and the final order of preference for the candidate.

Before the student actually locks his choices, he must once look at the previous cut-off marks of his choice branches and colleges. This can prove as good guiding light. The candidate should be realistic with his choices but also aim for the best colleges he has a chance with. It is a fine balancing act.

Step One Registration

The process as you can tell is quite complex and requires very serious thought. For the ease of the students, there is a special feature available, known as ‘mock allotments’. This will give the student an idea of whether he will get placed or not according to his choice of filling. Please remember, this is not the final seat allocation.

Step 3: Seat Allotment

The next step after the choice filling and mock allotment is the actual final seat allotment. All the seats are obviously not allotted at once, the process is several rounds long. After each round, the cut-off marks are released. And then we proceed to the next round.

Taking into consideration their rankings and their choices the students are allotted their seats. Once this allotment happens, the students must go to their nearest reporting center to pay the necessary admission fees and costs. This is when the seat is secured. In this process of seat allotment, the candidate basically has three choices once such allotment is done,

JEE Advanced Counselling

Opt for the option of Internal Sliding. In this option, the candidate can make a branch change in the same college if few seats open up subsequently. However, he cannot change his college.

Opt for the option of complete sliding. Here depending on the availability of seats, they can change their college also as well as a branch.

Lock their seat. If the students are completely satisfied with their allotment he should just lock his seat. For him, this process ends here.

One thing to note is that not all candidates get placed in the first or even the second round. But this is not the end of the road for such students. So they should not be disheartened. A lot of changes and shifting happens in the subsequent rounds. There is still a good chance for the candidate to get his seat allotment.

At any time in the process, a student can withdraw his seat by going to the nearest reporting center. The fees paid by him will be fully refunded (minus a 1000/- charge) within three months itself.

Step Two Choice Filling

Step Four: Spot Round

Now even after all the rounds of seat allotment, there are sometimes certain seats left. This is when the spot round happens. But the candidates must never rely on these rounds. These rounds occur very late into the process if at all. And even then they rely on a combination of various factors and some amount of luck.

This was basically a short summary of the entire process of JEE advanced counseling. It may look like a long and exhausting process but if you are aware of the process and the procedure and follow all the steps patiently and carefully, it should be smooth sailing.

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