Advantages of IgE Inhalant and Food Allergy Testing

food allergy occurs when your body’s immune system or defense mechanism overreacts to a specific meal as if it were hazardous.

If you experience symptoms after eating a particular food, food allergy testing can help determine whether your symptoms are brought on by an allergic reaction to that food.

Food Allergy
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When you get exposed to these inhaled allergens or food allergens, which cause IgE, or immunoglobulin E allergies. Finding the antigens in food is crucial because adverse reactions might be severe.

Anyone who thinks they might have an airborne or food allergy needs to get their IgE and inhalant allergy testing done immediately because doing so could save their life. It is crucial to test for distinct IgE antibody types since each type reacts differently with each allergen.

Blood allergy tests are regarded as a reliable and accurate method of identifying allergens. The blood allergy test accuracy can differ depending on the kind of test being conducted, the laboratory doing the test and the allergen being examined for.

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When should the IgE test be Done? 

Your doctor may advise a complete IgE test if you exhibit signs of a parasite infection, immune disorder, or an allergic reaction due to any infection in your body that is affecting your lungs as well.

If you have asthma or have allergy symptoms such as congestion, itchy or watery eyes, or sneezing, a total IgE test may be recommended.

IgE test be Done
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If you have already received a preliminary diagnosis of asthma brought on by disinclinations, your doctor might additionally advise complete IgE testing.

In this case, tests may be used to discover the best course of treatment for you as well as the ideal medication for your unique asthma symptoms.

Also, your immune system produces particular IgE types in response to various types of food items. If you have an allergy to a certain food, your IgE problems may be more severe than usual.

However, the amount of IgE in your blood cannot confirm a food allergy or indicate the severity of a potential allergy. To confirm a food allergy, a blood test must be combined with additional tests.

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What happens after the IgE test result is revealed? 

  • There is no cure for food allergies, but an allergist determines that the best course of action is to avoid a particular food that triggers your symptoms.
  • Read food labels carefully to avoid food allergens.
  • Avoid any food at parties that seem to be suspicious to contain food items or ingredients that may trigger your food allergy.
  • Anyone who might cook or serve food to you, or your child, should be made aware of the allergy related to particular food.
  • Your allergist will also provide medication for moderate food reactions.
IgE test result is revealed
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Normally, when people realize that they’re allergic to a certain food, they start a food elimination diet at home under their doctor’s instructions.

This way they try to identify the food trigger without undergoing any test. However, it may not be safe for severe reactions and therefore they should undergo IgE or inhalation allergy testing.

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