How Vehicles Get Salvage Title? Tips to Ship Salvage Title Cars

Ship Salvage Title Cars

Overseas buyers buy salvage title cars at an online auction sale because they get vehicles at low rates. They fix the salvaged cars and resell them at a good price. Some buy a salvage car for its parts to fix their existing vehicle. It doesn’t matter if the cars are purchased in bulk or at an auction they go through proper authorities before getting shipped to their final new destination.

How vehicles get salvage titles?

  • If the car that was involved in an accident needs repair more than 60% of the car’s market value, then the insurance company considers it a total loss, so it ends in a salvage yard.
  • Natural disasters like floods, fire, earthworks, hurricanes, and hails can damage vehicles beyond repair.
  • A stolen car can end up with seats, engines, electronics, and other components stripped. The insurance company ends up with a total loss claim from the owner. The owner gets their compensation and ownership rights. The insurance company sells it at a salvage auction.
  • Some cars at the salvage auto auctions are the ones repossessed from debtors, so sold under Repossession titles.
  • Cars having high mileage and mild damages can fall under the remarketing category and sell at salvage auction with the other cars.

If you bought a salvage title car then you will need to look for one of the best reliable overseas car shippers. On the other hand, if you are moving a salvage title car across the state, it becomes easy with Ship a Car, Inc. Using a car transport company is a wise decision as it is safe. There is no concern about mileage surges as they can increase your insurance cost. Besides, the car you bought from the salvage yard auction is not in a state to drive.

Tips to ship salvage title cars

Give pickup delivery details 

There are numerous vehicles that insurance companies sell every year at the salvage car auctions. If you bought one, then here are some shipping tips for your car from the salvage auction.

Pay the full amount

Before you plan shipping of the purchased vehicle makes the complete payment. The payments will include membership fees or past storage or due fees.

Give pickup and delivery details 

Give pickup and delivery details 

When you get in contact with the potential shipping agent you will need to give them the correct details for pickup at the auction site. They will need the buyer number, lot number, VIN, and other details as needed by the auctioneer for pickup. It helps the auction team to identify the vehicle that needs to be released. The pickup of the vehicle gets done on time, without any hiccup.

Consider storage charges

The salvage car auction facility offers the buyer maximum of two days of free storage, after the purchase date. If you don’t pick the car within 2-days, you will need to pay extra charges according to their rules. Make sure that you discuss the pickup day limitations with the shipping provider.

Car keys

At the salvage car yards, the keys get tied around the steering post. So, it is easy for the keys to getting stolen or lost. If the key gets lost the auction will not be responsible for it, so find a way to overcome this issue.

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