How to Maintain a Digital Piano

Although owning a piano may seem like a luxury, most digital pianos are affordable for people with mediocre incomes.

Digital Piano

However, once you get a piano, how do you make it last? In the guide below, we will be discussing how to maintain your digital piano and make it last a long time.

Where Should I Keep My Digital Piano?

Considering where to keep your digital piano is often a subjective choice, but it’s still something to think about when you get your new digital piano.

Digital Piano

For example, you don’t want to place it near open windows, doors, or open entrances where people may bump into it. It’s wise to place it in a secure, secluded space where it won’t be subject to dust, sunlight, or drastic temperature change.

Should I Get A Digital Piano Cover?

You should get a digital piano cover as soon as you get your piano. This is because just like you need a hygienic environment to love, your digital piano needs the same comfort. Unfortunately, the majority of pianists don’t acknowledge the amount of damage dust can do to their pianos.

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It’s also important that you regularly dust and clean them off with appropriate cleaning products. Also, a piano cover should not be the primary tool to move your piano or placed in storage for an extended amount of time. You should cover your digital piano as soon as it’s not in use to preserve it as best as possible.

When maintaining your digital piano, keep in mind that it’s much more susceptible to damage from dust and debris than ordinary pianos.

Digital Piano

This is because dust in digital pianos can affect electronics and sensors. Don’t believe us that you need a piano cover? Check out his explanation.

How Do I Go About Cleaning My Digital Piano?

When you’re cleaning a digital piano, you don’t want to reach for the ordinary household cleaner. The harsh chemicals contained in these containers can severely damage your keyboard. Instead, you should review the manufacturer’s handbook to see which cleaners are deemed safe.

Digital Piano

When cleaning a digital keyboard, you should be using white clothes because the chemicals in colored clothes can cause severe damage. Slightly dampen the cloths with the cleaner and slowly wipe down each key. However, make sure you have a dry cloth handy to wipe up any moisture left behind. You can also use a q-tip to get in hard-to-reach areas as well.

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Are There Rules I Should Follow With The Power Cable For My Digital Piano?

When plugging in your digital piano, make sure the outlet you’re plugging the power cord into is clean and in good condition. You also want to avoid overloading the outlet in case you’re sharing it with other electronics.

Digital Piano

When plugging and unplugging the power cord, you should make sure to keep your piano off, as well as when you’re not using it. Additionally, you should also make sure you keep your digital piano’s power cord away from other cords to prevent damage to it.

By following these steps, you can maintain your digital piano so it continues to work for many years to come. Even after years of use, your piano will look new.


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