Fight Your Amazon Account Suspension with The Help of Professional Appeal Services

Many small to medium business owners lose a lot of money if they face issues that can get their Amazon account suspended. Amazon prioritizes their customers and if you are found to not follow the same, you will be facing claims and suspension from Amazon, which is a very hard case to fight.

Amazon Account Suspension

To prove your authenticity back and get your account reinstated, you will need professional help. Many appeal services claim to get your account reinstated within 48-72 hours while not every agency is reliable and not everyone has the experience to present a strong appeal case in front of Amazon representatives.

You can look for customer reviews while trying to find Amazon Appeal Services online who can help you in fighting account suspension on your behalf. YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services have the expertise and in-depth knowledge about Amazon policies. You can trust its staff to provide you the right direction and help you in making a strong appeal case for your business organization to fight account suspension.

How do we know that an Amazon appeal service is genuine?

Amazon appeal service

If you are a new business owner who has recently started selling on Amazon and your account got suspended due to counterfeit claims, or manipulative documents, or A-Z claims, or because you have sold a used item by labeling it as a new one. In another scenario, you could have violated Amazon policies and hence, faced suspension.

In all scenarios, by no means can you fight this yourself and you need to seek professional help. However, choosing the right appeal service is important if you want to get your account reinstated.

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The following tips can help you in selecting a genuine and reliable appeal service to represent your case:

1.      Follow the recommendation of other Amazon sellers and people you know:

  • This is always the best way to look for an appeal service that is already working with other sellers and has provided them good results.
  • However, always check if the service agents have experience in handling situations similar to yours.

2.      Check if they follow professional attitude all their sellers, big or small:

  • All the sellers are entitled to receive attention from the appeal services as there is a time limit within which the appeal should be filed.
  • If it is a large appeal firm with hundreds of sellers already waiting for their review, try not to take help from them.

3.      Look for positive communication from the appeal agents:

  • If they do not take or return your calls on time or if they do not tell you the exact reason for suspension after reviewing your account, chances are they will not be of any help.
  • Amazon appeal experts should be able to handle your queries and provide you with transparency regarding your current situation.

4.      Try to avoid an appeal agent who gives a guaranteed solution within a short period:

  • Only after a thorough account review and studying the suspension reason, an agent can give you a timeline in which you can expect a solution.
  • If you are given a guaranteed solution timeline, it is better to avoid working with that appeal agent.

Amazon Account Suspension

You can even try fighting the case for yourself if your suspension reason is not a tricky one. Don’t panic, use transparency in all your communication with Amazon agents, submit all original documents, and write a convincing and professional appeal letter. Keep a track of your account metric to avoid future problems.

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