Family Fun Activities in Halifax

Moving to the East Coast of Canada is very popular nowadays. It’s a beautiful place with pure nature. At the same time, it’s not boring in East Coast. Halifax is indeed a wonderful place on the Eastern Coast of Canada. This place has a lot of things to explore and discover. In case you are planning to move to this province you are going to probably enjoy things from food, scenic views, the environment and especially the ambiance of the new environment. If you decide to move a long distance from Toronto to Halifax for example and you are curious what activities will be good for you, I’d like to offer you to check the information below:


  1. Point Pleasant Park– first on our list is this huge park at the Southern end of Halifax. It was built in 1865with a land area of seventy-five hectares which is surrounded by wood and beach. You can have a walk, do some of your exercise routines, stroll with your kids and fur babies, and even swim at the beach. If you are looking for a family weekend getaway bonding this place is a good spot.
  2. Burke-Gaffney Observatory– interested in astronomy and want to instill it with your kids while they are young? Well, this is a great place for you. Explore and know more about the galaxy without moving from one place. The observatory performs open houses by schedule so that people can visit and see by their eyes the beauty of the stars. Definitely, a must-visit for you and your family. Enjoyable, and meaningful while having fun.
  3. KarthBahn Indoor Racing– for those of you who are interested in speed and race this is the best place for you in Halifax. Experience an extraordinary adrenaline rush while driving the kart on the race track. No age requirements only that you need to be 4’4” then you can race.
  4. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic– consider the largest and also the oldest museum in Canada. This museum is situated in Nova Scotia and has been portraying the richness of the maritime heritage of Halifax. You will experience the atmospheric Halifax Harbour and know about the history from the different ancient exhibit galleries in the museum. All ages are welcome to enjoy and explore the maritime wonders of this place.
  5. Alderney Landing Farmers Market– tired of strolling around don’t be because there is a farmer’s store in Nova Scotia where you can find the fresh and newly harvest crops and goods that are locally produced by the residents in no time. The farmers sell it by themselves and you can have a variety of products that you can choose from. Finally, you and your family can eat a fresh vegetable salad.

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Happy family camping in nature.

  1. Adventure at the Atlantic Splash– another family-friendly place is only 20 minutes away from Halifax. This place is full of different kinds of water slides and swimming pools that you and your children will surely enjoy. This water theme park has different variety of attractions from waterslides and rides that make you feel young again.
  2. Clay café– well Halifax has also a place for those of you who are interested in pottery. Let us get a little dirty using our hands in holding clays and moods to create an art of pottery that is originally made by you. After molding and creating your own, this café will fire it to harden the pot and make it strong. You will have a nice pot for your plants whether it is indoor or outdoor. Also, different kinds of mugs, plates, bowls, and many more.
  3. Heritage center of Fisherman’s Cove– another place for you to explore is the Fisherman’s Cove. Here, you will discover the fishing history and foundation of this maritime place. It highlighted the development of fishing way back point in time and in the modern-day nowadays. Not only that, in this village you can find a variety of shops like souvenirs, arts and crafts. Also meeting new people and learning about their culture will develop the knowledge you have in you.
  4. Ground Zero Climbing Gym– for those of you who want extreme sports and doesn’t afraid of heights well this place will be a good choice. It is an indoor rock-climbing place in which you will explore and experience like you are really climbing peaks of rocks and mountains. All of the people can try whether they don’t have experience or are already professional climbers this place welcomes you.
  5. Public Gardens in Halifax– another amazing garden situated in Halifax which is free of charge in the public gardens. It is a 16-acre Victorian garden that possesses a variety of flowers and plants that you and you can enjoy. There are also fountains, several flower beds, and even small bridges and ponds are some of the attractions this place is offering. This place is truly a picturesque place.

Family Fun Activities in Halifax

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