Eazol Health Tonic for Strong Immunity and Healthy Skin Essential to Fight Against Coronavirus

In this COVID-19 pandemic scenario, it has become necessary to strengthen your immune system. People with normal health also need to ensure that their immunity stays maintained. So, how to improve immunity has become an essential concern. You could try OTC supplements, but Ayurveda is a traditional medical discipline that makes use of natural herbs and spices to treat medical conditions. It even recommends that regular consumption of specific herbs can help to stay vigorous and strong. The internal and physical activities are kept lubricated and in balance with potent natural herbs.

Eazol Health Tonic for Strong Immunity

Eazol Health Tonic formula is based 100% on Ayurvedic recommended herbs that are potent in antioxidant, adaptogenic, anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, and anti-inflammatory. In this pandemic situation how to fight the virus is the main dilemma for the Government. Current, scientists and researchers have proclaimed that Ashwagandha can be an efficient COVID-19 preventive drug.

Let’s understand what Ayurveda has to say about the magical herbs used in formulating Eazol Herbal Tonic. 


Ashwagandha offers every health benefit ranging from reducing stress, lowering cholesterol, and controlling blood sugar to enhancing immunity. Recent research has revealed that an active compound found in Ashwagandha can block the coronavirus replication process. For acne pimple problemssagging skin, and wrinkles, it makes your skin youthful and your hair strong.


Amla has chromium, which decreases bad cholesterol and strengthens the heart functioning essential to fight coronavirus. Alma detoxifies your system as well as neutralizes free radicals. Coronavirus affects the respiratory system, so it is crucial to strengthen it. For centuries Amla is used to treat cold and cough symptoms that lead to congestion in the chest. Amla has Vitamin C that enhances immunity.

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It is the queen of herbs and is traditionally used to treat female reproductive organs. Its antioxidants combat oxidative stress and associated depression. It helps in treating gastric ulcers, diarrhea, kidney stones, cough relief, blood sugar control, and helps gain healthy weight without concerns of excessive fat accumulation.

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Brahmi is a powerhouse of valued triterpene saponins and alkaloids. It stimulates cognitive abilities and focuses. Every symptom associated with stress gets resolved and wounds heal quickly. It is also helpful in strengthening the respiratory system, which is essential in this coronavirus scenario. It enhances the pulmonary functions and clears the mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tracts and throat. It even helps to treat fine lines, tired eyes, wrinkles and offers you healthy glowing skin.

Safed Musli

Musli is used in Ayurveda to treat obesity, diabetes, infertility, and sexual disorders. It has the immunostimulatory property that enhances immunity and eliminates vulnerabilities. Its aphrodisiac properties enhance testosterone level and sperm motility. It has specific polysaccharides that enhance skin moisture and keeps it soft as well as clean.

Pomegranate or Dadim

Pomegranate is great for eliminating dental plaque and strengthening your oral health. It reduces the risk of clogged arteries, lowers bad cholesterol, and reduces Ama from the body. Ama is sticky and causes arteries to clog. Pomegranate plays an active role in the detoxification of Ama from the body.

Eazol Health Tonic for strong immunity and fight Coronavirus efficiently!

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