Do You Want To Prevent Honey Bees To Build Their Nesting Near Your Home?

Honey bees can be seen producing honey for feeding their young, particularly during colder months. During the mating flight, the queens will mate with many drones, and lay fertilized eggs that can become new workers and queens and also unfertilized eggs that may develop into a male drone.

honey bees

These honey bees actually originated from Africa and then spread to Northern Europe. People have been managing these honey bees for centuries and collected their honey and also beeswax. Western honey bees actually were brought by the colonist and explorers, eventually spreading from one coast to another.

Are these honey bees dangerous?

Unless a person is allergic to the Bee stings venom, they are not dangerous. The allergy signs include fainting and nausea. If it is not treated, then one can die too. Also, if the person is a victim of several stings may also face death.

Their stings can be very painful, based on the amount of venom that entered into the body. Painful swelling, redness, itching, and irritation all around the skin will follow immediately after stinging. You may therefore contact pest control Manchester in case you find that honey bee nests have come up near your home.

The swarming process

Whenever the bee colony will split, then in the existing hive, a new queen may remain and the senior queen will take some of the female workers’ bees and also few male drones to search for their new home. Such a newly assembled group will be called a swarm.

As the swarm leaves their existing hive to cluster on a certain tree limb, shrub, etc. while a few selected bees will scout for the surrounding areas to find an ideal location for nesting. If any swarm is found on your property, then your home will be in jeopardy.

How to protect your home against unwanted beehives

These bees find it convenient to enter into any kind of structure that contains any hole that may be ¼” or larger. So, you must seal all possible bee entries by using certain durable materials, e.g. metal screen or caulk. However, if the swarm is already present on your property, then you have no time to seal all possible entry points for these bees.

So, you have to consider applying certain treatment to all these scout bees that are lingering all-around your home. This can prevent these scout bees to inform the swarm about any potential nesting spot. So, the swarm will move to another location. The basic trick is that you must act quickly as these bees can also move in suddenly.

By reducing outdoor clutter also can prevent the nesting of bees in your yard. Any unused appliances found in your yards can also attract honey bees.

Also, if previously your home had any problems with these honey bees, then make sure that you remove the honeycomb. The pheromone scents can attract newcomers. The honeycomb usually will be placed in a certain inaccessible area, so removing some portions of the roof or siding also may be necessary.


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