Organizing a Conference on a Boat in Barcelona – Profitable and Practical

Marine boats are often used for holding conferences, negotiations, and business meetings. Such events involve the presence of a large number of people from different countries and cities, and sometimes conferences are held for several days. So why not combine business with pleasure and book a boat for a conference in Barcelona?

Conference on a Boat

Useful meetings

This proposal is prepared specifically for you. It will not just be a conference; you can:

  • surprise partners;
  • please conference members;
  • combine a useful event with a pleasant pastime.

The Barcelona Boat Rental company will allow you to hold a conference that will differ from other events you have organized and will solve more than one task.

To organize such an event, it is necessary to know the number of guests and its format and to book a boat in Barcelona, you can do it, for example, here at, so that professional preparation for the conference begins, taking into account the reception or other entertainment planned for the evening.

How to choose the right boat

As the conference is a serious event, we suggest looking at the following boats, which are ready to accept a sufficient number of participants:

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  • “Eco Sail” catamaran, from 2500 euros per hour. This VIP-class vessel, whose crew can accommodate up to 250 people on board, depending on the format. The open upper deck allows for breaks between conference sessions, and in the evening, you can arrange a barbecue or disco.
  • Guests have the necessary furniture for comfortable rest. The lower deck is equipped with a luxurious salon, which quickly transforms into a platform for negotiations, and in the evening, a reception is arranged in the hall. There is a stage for music performances of any level. The boat is equipped with a modern air conditioning system, a wardrobe, and 4 toilet rooms.

Conference on a Boat

  • “Southern Cross” sailing ship, from 900 euros per hour. This is a two-deck ship that accommodates from 30 to 65 people, depending on the format of the event. The banquet hall quickly converts into the necessary conference needs.
  • There is necessary video and audio equipment for presentations on board, and panoramic windows allow you to enjoy stunning views.
  • “Karya” gulet, from 600 euros per hour. This two-deck ship accommodates up to 80 people. The banquet hall has all the necessary equipment for meetings, seminars, and conferences, and a climate control system.
  • In the cabin company, there is a VIP room, where you can hold private meetings or negotiations. The upper deck is completely open for sightseeing, and there is an area for relaxation and sunbathing.

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