Benefits of Installing Fly screens on Doors and Windows

Keeping doors and windows open to cool home interiors in summer is much preferred, but what about the influx of insects. Open doors and windows bring in the fresh air and even encourage insects to raid your privacy. Insects are unhealthy as they carry disease, which can place residing members under the roof at risk.

Doors and Windows

Fortunately, flyscreen installation is an easy and affordable solution to keep insects or pests of all kinds outside the home. Flyscreen Direct has been supplying residential and commercial properties across the UK with insect and fly screens for more than 25 years. You can buy high-quality customized hinged & magnetic screens or retractable roller screens or heavy-duty insect screen doors for commercial purposes.

Benefits of installing a fly screen

  • As the name suggests, it keeps flies and unwanted pests outside the house. In summer flies, mosquitoes, household insects and pests are rampant, so having an insect screen installed is of utmost importance.
  • Several types of fly screens offer privacy. For example, the black mesh makes it hard for anyone on the outside to see anything inside from a distance. On the other hand, people from inside can see every outdoor activity easily. It is great for homes with kids and pets. Monitoring as they play in the backyard or garden is easy.
  • Fly screens enable natural light to enter the home. A fly screen is sheer and introduces brightness to a room, which otherwise is blocked with a solid door or window. The space feels warm and even you save on electric bills.
  • Natural air flows in the rooms and keeps them cool. Natural ventilation during warm months allows reducing the use of air condition as the temperature within the house stays cool. Thus you save on energy bills, which is great for your budget and environment.
  • The mesh offers a barrier but does not stop airflow. An increase in air circulation offers regular and fresh oxygen supply that is essential to maintain health. Stagnant and stale air in closed spaces allows bacteria breeding but with good ventilation contaminant and pollutant are not trapped in a single zone. Lack of ventilation encourages mold development, which accompanies respiratory infections and allergies.
  • Fly screens block direct sunlight as well as reduces heat buildup inside the house. As the strong UV rays get obstructed, the damage to floors and furniture is also prevented.
  • Decorative fly screens offer an appeal to the entrance of your home yet it is functional. For example, a decorative screen designed from wrought iron adds a curb appeal and increases property value. You can look at multiple modern options and choose one that blends with your home style and décor.
  • A solid door blocks the scenic view. Using mesh fly screens, the majority of solid door benefits are maintained but the transparency feature is added. You don’t feel enclosed behind solid doors with insect screens.
  • Fly screens are easy to install, especially retractable fly screens.
  • Cleaning the fly screen is an easy DIY task.

Redefine your home by installing insect or fly screens because they are attractive and versatile!


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