Be Aware of What You Must do before and After Pest control

Flies, cockroaches, rats, spiders, and a variety of other insects can pose a serious threat to your houses. Normally, they can be disease carriers besides scaring us out. The easiest way to eradicate them is to hire any pest control service.

Everyone believes that once pest control Edmond OK is done by Thunder Pest Control, there will be no danger. However, the main problem begins just after pest control. Pesticides and products to use for pest control therapy contain additional chemicals, posing a risk of infection and skin disorders as a result of the chemicals found inside the pesticides.

So, we will explain to you how to go about it before and after your pest control treatment, in this post.


Things you must do before your pest control service

Pest control

1.  Remove all heavy furniture from corners

You must give access to your pest control professionals on every corner of your house and hence the heavy furniture must be removed from the rooms.

2. Remove all appliances

Similarly, the entire kitchen appliances should better be removed from the kitchen rather than wrapping them, as the chemicals and pesticides may contaminate the foods processed by these appliances

3. Wrap all your clothes and accessories

Ensure that all of your clothes, pillowcases, bedsheets, cushions, and toys remain wrapped in plastic or stored in cabinets. This will aid in the prevention of anything spraying.

4. Protect food items

Because bugs are easily drawn to food, the kitchen is a popular hiding place for them. While spraying, keep all of your food products in a sealed container.

5. Keep your pets away

In most cases, pets are hypersensitive to the pesticides used in pest control. If you can leave your pet with a neighbor or friend for the length of a pest control treatment, that would be ideal.

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Things you must do after your pest control service

Pest control

1. Wait for sometime

If you have already vacated the premises due to the pest control activities, then wait until the professionals give you recommended time to wait before you return back home.

2. Deep cleaning

You must deep clean your entire place for removing the pesticide layer and chemicals applied during the treatment. Wipe off everything that includes door handles, wall hangings, sofas, and other appliances to prevent chemical infection.

3. Avoid leaving any papers

Paper is a food source for many pests. Brown bags and wet papers are the things that they look out for. Avoid storing old magazines and newspapers in or around your kitchen.

4. Seal everything

After the pest treatment is completed, it is your obligation to keep the area free of new pests. To prevent a new entrance, you must seal all the holes and gaps.

5. Mopping

After the treatment, clean the floor completely after 1 hour or whatever time period specified by your pest control experts.

There can be certain reactions after and during your pest control and hence children, pets and pregnant women must stay out until the professionals thinks it is safe.

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