The Basics of An Expungement Order

There are laws set in almost all places, which allow people to expunge the criminal record that is available against them. However, still many people are unaware of the process of expungement. The process of expungement is very vital in any criminal legal system because the purpose of the law is not only to punish the evils but also to bring back the person to civil society.


The subject matter of the law is not the criminal, but the crime, and hence, the person who has committed the crime must be injected back into society with all decency once he has served for his wrong. This is the exact purpose that is served by the expungement laws. Even though the details and the minutiae may differ, the essence of laws across states remains the same.

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Basics to expungement orders

The expungement orders are also called expunction orders. It means that the legal process that has taken place against the person will be hidden or forgotten. This seemingly obvious position of law has life-changing effects. There are employers, landlords, and sometimes even banks and fiancés’ who delve into the past criminal record of a person.

If any of these finds a criminal record of you in the past, then regardless of what type of person you are today and what part you have in that mistake in the past, you will not get the desired result. This makes the expungement orders very necessary. An expungement order allows you to start life afresh. It allows you to leave the baggage of the past behind.

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Legal process

For the process of expungement, you have to get the expungement orders from the court. For that, you will have to get an order from the court which has the required jurisdiction to hear the plea. You must, first of all, file a petition of expungement before the court. It is only then that the whole judicial machinery will swing into action.



For the procurement of expungement orders, you might be expected to pay nominal fees but most importantly of all, you must get a good lawyer to get the expungement order.

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