Advice on Using a Notary Central London

Advice on Using a Notary Central London

A notary is a lawyer and is appointed in one of the oldest branches of the profession of law. They are able to perform certain legal needs in the UK particularly to do with documentation, passports, and such. They are also referred to as a notary public. There are many available notary public London based should you need one there, but there are of course more around the UK. Here is some advice on what you should do if you need to use one.


Visit their website or call

It is possible to get a quote for how much your particular needs will cost this way so you know what it will cost you once you are there. Notaries can give you quotes for most matters that they deal with, and if for some reason they cannot give an exact quote they can still give you an estimate that is close. This is valuable because while notaries all do mostly the same services, they certainly do not all charge the same fees.

UK particularly to do with documentation, passports

Compare prices between notary central London based offices and you will find there is quite a range. Some can ask for as low as sixty pounds and some might go as much as double that. Some charge VAT with their fees and some do not.

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Send your documents in ahead of the visit

It is possible to send in via post, fax, email, or courier all the documentation relevant to your needs to the notary ahead of time. This gives the notary a chance to look through everything and perhaps let you know before the meeting if something needs to be changed or something else is needed.

central London professionals are happy

Come with all the right ID

Any notary public London office is going to require certain ID documentation. Bringing a utility bill or bank statement as proof of UK address make sure it is from the last three months. Passports need to be up to date and mobile phone records are not accepted. If you check the website of the Notary you are using they will likely have a guide on what ID documents are accepted and what is not.

Ask questions as much as you want

Notary public central London professionals are happy to answer any question you have. If you think of something ahead of the meeting call or email or write it down to ask so you don’t forget. Part of their role is to clarify certain matters for people and to have everything documented as required.

Check out their sites for information


There is a larger concentration of notary professionals in London than elsewhere so it should be easy enough to find one you are happy with there! Check out their sites for information and make calls to find out fees. Any office would be happy to help you and answer any queries you have.

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