A Guide to the Cim Qualification

Based on the importance of marketing to various companies, professional marketing has become one of the most sought-after knowledge nowadays. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the most reputable organization of the most experienced marketing professionals today. This international body has about 50,000 members in various countries around the world and offers several courses on the best marketing practices and standards.

If you are pondering on whether you should get a CIM qualification or not, here is a guide that should help you in making a decision:

A Guide to the Cim Qualification

Think about the benefits of CIM qualifications

There is an important need for anybody interested in getting CIM qualifications to have an idea of the benefits of the qualifications. Here are the primary benefits of CIM qualifications:

  • The qualifications give marketers practical knowledge of how they can satisfy the needs of their industries.
  • They offer individuals the practical and important techniques and tools required to achieve success in the marketing field.
  • They provide personal and industrial growth and network that individual marketer needs to enhance the development of their career and business.

Without a doubt, CIM qualifications are highly beneficial to marketers, businesses, and industries as a whole.


A Guide to the Cim Qualification

Evaluate the level of CIM courses you want to get

CIM courses come at different levels, and there are specific kinds of people that each level suits. Below are the levels of CIM courses:

  • Level 3

This is the Foundation Certificate in Marketing which is meant for individuals who are relatively new to the concept of marketing. For those starting a career in the field of marketing, Foundation Certificate in Marketing is the first course they should get to have basic knowledge of the qualification.

  • Level 4

Level 4 is for intermediate marketers who want to improve their knowledge of the concepts of marketing. This CIM certificate is called Certificate in Professional Marketing and is highly recommended for marketing professionals who are already in the field but want to enhance the prospects of their career.

  • Level 6

For Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives looking for ways to hone their existing skills, Level 6 of the CIM courses is the most suitable level. The certificate issued at this level is called a diploma in Professional Marketing.

  • Level 7

This is the advanced level of CIM courses that are designed for senior business personnel and highly skilled marketers. Primarily, Level 7 CIM qualification provides professional qualification. Its certificate is called the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

Cim Qualification

The types of learning mode available

Blended learning and self-study are the two types of learning modes provided by many companies offering CIM qualifications. Blended learning involves a system in which tutors engage students through workshops while self-study mode is entirely about a self-taught mode that allows the students to study based on their personal schedule. Self-study is usually the best mode of study for international students.

Having known the benefits, levels, and learning mode of CIM qualifications, you should be able to decide if you would like to get the qualifications.

Cim Qualification

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