A Few Key Benefits of a Pallet Inverter

Anyone who utilises pallets to store things is aware of their major drawback: it is cumbersome to move when they are loaded. It creates a significant issue when goods need to be shifted from wooden to plastic pallets, tipped, or inverted.

Benefits of a Pallet Inverter

A palettenwender (English Meaning = pallet turner or pallet inverter) has got the power to complete tasks more quickly and easily than human labour, saving time, effort, and money.

A pallet inverter is a device that is mostly used to turn around pallets that are still carrying goods on them. Pallet inverters have the ability to complete tasks more rapidly and efficiently than human labour due to their strength.

Pallets are typically utilised with a forklift to carry or store huge amounts of freight. When commodities need to be converted from less hygienic wooden pallets to more hygienic plastics, they are employed in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The majority of pallet inverters come with a certain “interlock device” as a safety feature. The machine’s feeder and operator’s cabinet must be in alignment when the pallet is being pulled.

If not, the pallet won’t be pushed out and the pallet inverter won’t function. To make operating the pallet inverter easier for the operator, it is controlled by a remote control.

Who can use pallet turners/inverters?

Pallet Inverter

Pallet turners/inverters can be used in various industries for material handling, and some of them are as follows:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing
  • Transport and bricks
  • Food and beverages
  • Many other construction materials.

Industries can benefit from pallet inverters in a variety of ways. Without refilling, they could be used to access and replace damaged items near the bottom of the load.

Alternatively, they might permit slip sheets on transfer pallets. In addition, they can help rotate pallet loads, square up pallet loads, and remove the requirement for human pallet restocking.

Pallets are expensive, so it makes reasonable that a company, if it had made the investment in good ones, would be unwilling to leave with them. Since shipping skids are more economical and more than adequate for transit, there is no need to use high-quality pallets.

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Before shipping, it adds up to convert load or freight to shipping skids, and a pallet converter makes this practice swift and easy.


Customers will find a wide selection while looking for a pallet inverter. For various size loads, inverters are available in different sizes. For specific purposes, manufacturers frequently create customised items if none of the usual sizes apply.

Some inverters can be used either way others can load from a ramp or flush with the floor. Customers should be sure to get a unit that loads appropriately for their circumstances.

Customers should make sure they are purchasing the appropriate size for their job because inverters have different jaw and table sizes for various things.

Manufacturers will use terms like “suited for all types of palletised load” or “particularly for steel/paper/board” to indicate that their pallet inverters are made for a particular type of load. Buyers should take note of these requirements.

The manufacturers are experts in their fields, so choosing the incorrect inverter model just because it is less expensive would be a grave error.

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