6 Dos & Don’ts of House Cleaning

Whether you already have your established methods and manage to keep everything under control, or you’re a beginner in dealing with housework, trying to find your own way of tackling things, there’s always room for discovering new tips and hacks that can impact how you take care of your home’s hygiene. Dedicated experts from NW Maids in Tacoma are sharing some of the most important dos and don’ts of house cleaning so you can take your routine to the next level. Could you keep reading to find out what they are?

House Cleaning

What are the dos and don’ts of cleaning?

To ensure your home’s proper maintenance, regularly researching new ways of tending to it and understanding what you should and shouldn’t do are essential steps to take. Take a look at the following important rules:

Check label instructions

Remembering to check and follow instructions on your product’s label is essential whether you’re about to take care of your floors or disinfect the surfaces in your bathroom. Not only will you learn about the proper way to use the product so it’s fully efficient, but you’ll also be able to prevent damage to the surface you’re dealing with due to incorrect usage.

Don’t wash your carpets too often

While regular and thorough vacuuming of your carpets to remove dust is crucial for keeping your environment allergen-free, giving them a wash too frequently isn’t necessary and it can lead to damage, especially if you use products that contain harsh chemicals. It can also result in unsightly residues and wicking, which will leave them looking unwashed.

Regularly tend to your coffee maker

House Cleaning

According to research, the reservoir of your coffee maker is one of the top 10 places in your house with the highest concentration of germs. In fact, in half of the researched households, it also contained yeast and mold, which are allergens and can easily affect sensitive people. If you use your coffee machine on a daily basis, make sure you fit the task of disinfecting its reservoir into your weekly checklist.

Don’t forget your baseboards and ceiling fans

As you dust around your home, you typically focus on visible, horizontal surfaces such as tables, countertops, TV stands, and lamps. However, most people tend to forget about their baseboards and ceiling fans, as they’re not at your eye level, allowing for quite a lot of dust to accumulate over time. Remembering to wipe down these areas once a week or biweekly will make your home environment healthier.

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Sanitize your garbage disposal

As another place that’s easy to overlook, your garbage disposal tends to build up the waste that can be hazardous if left to linger for too long. This waste buildup will eventually render a kitchen with bad odors and a lot of germs. Disinfecting your disposal only takes a couple of minutes – all you need to do is throw in a couple of lemon peels, several ice cubes, and some baking soda. Do this once a week, and your disposal will always be fresh and sanitized.

Don’t let grease build-up

House Cleaning

With all the food processing that goes on around your kitchen, it’s necessary that you wipe down the surfaces on a daily basis. If you don’t do this regularly you’ll be facing some serious buildups before you know it. Not only are they unsightly and a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, but they’re also a fire hazard since they can cause cooking fires.

To prevent such situations, focus on surfaces such as on the stove, inside the oven, walls, and backsplash, and wipe them down every day.

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