5 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

For food enthusiasts, the kitchen continues to be a source of ultimate inspiration. For families, this is where their huddles often take place. For friends, it’s the favorite gathering spot. Even for children, the kitchen is an experiential learning environment that stimulates their senses. No matter how you put it, the heart of any home lies in the kitchen.


But, there is an even greater significance to this room. Design-wise, it gives your home plenty of personalities and sets the tone for the rest of the space. So, what does this mean when designing your own luxury kitchen?

In case you have an outdated kitchen space but dream of an opulent cooking area, styling your cooking area with high-end décor will make it more practical and visually appealing. If you’re not sure where to start, read on for TKS Design Group’s inspiring kitchen design solutions to help you out!

1.  Plan Your Floorplan to Perfection

Plan your layout carefully to ensure your new kitchen includes the luxuries you appreciate. No matter how well you choose your cabinets, flooring, appliances, and paint color, making a kitchen enjoyable is not just about the way it looks, but also about how it works. And for an effective kitchen layout, you need to arrange these design elements harmoniously.

2.  Purposeful Storage Space

Choosing storage solutions tailored to your exact needs gives your kitchen a very luxurious feel. For instance, you can easily convert your corner shelf area into an attractive coffee nook simply by adding sliding doors. By doing so, you’re able to hide your kettle, mugs, and coffee maker while still enjoying a perfect cup of coffee every morning.

One more example of purposeful storage is hidden storage, designed around convenience. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have personalized drawers sized to fit every utensil. Similarly, spice racks and open shelves in your pantry will make food organization way easier.

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3.  Think About a Signature Sink

Kitchen sinks are unarguably an essential part of every home. They’re used for washing hands, washing dishes, rinsing food, and so much more. In light of that, sinks are naturally a focal point of the kitchen and should be highlighted. What’s best, they come in a variety of styles that can give your kitchen an upscale look.

For example, massive farmhouse sinks dominate luxury kitchens nowadays. Your cabinets will accommodate them perfectly, allowing you to work comfortably while using them as workstations with cutting boards on top. However, stainless steel drop-in sinks are also a great option for modern kitchens, enhancing their appearance with class and sophistication.

4.  Stone-Inspired Style

There is no question that material quality is an important factor to consider for your countertop.

To help you make an informed decision, consider the following:

  • Non-Porous Nature: Choose materials with a low absorption rate of acidic solutions and a low capacity for bacterial growth.
  • Durability: Sturdy materials, not susceptible to scratches, dents, or other physical damage.
  • Heat-Resistance: A material you choose must be able to maintain its shape when exposed to heat.
  • Easy to Maintain: High-quality materials require little upkeep. Luxury materials such as manufactured quartz, quartzite, and marble remain beautiful for a long time

5.  Light Your Kitchen Up

An adequate lighting system plays a crucial role in making your daily routine more convenient, and with statement lights, you’ve got the perfect luxury kitchen. However, keep your needs in mind when planning a lighting scheme; besides meal preparation, how do you and your family spend your time in the kitchen? Do you use it as a gathering place? Do you let your kids do their homework there?

Whatever your habits, remember to take them into account before updating the lighting. There are three different types of kitchen lighting: overhead lights, task lights, and ambient lights – all equally important to the functionality and look of your kitchen space.

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